Let's work together

Let's work together

Make 2016 a more profitable year online - our founder is choosing three businesses to mentor next year - FREE OF CHARGE. Are you passionate about making the web work for your business in 2016?

Do you want 2016 to be the most profitable you've ever seen? Fed up with so-called marketing experts promising everything, charging thousands of pounds, but delivering nothing?

Here's your chance to benefit from my 15-years expertise in building successful internet strategies that really DO deliver. And for you, it could be free.

Between now and Christmas I will be selecting three companies or organisations who are passionate about creating a strategy for the web that works, but are unsure where to begin.

Free Mentoring Programme

Do you want to discover how to turn your website into a powerful 24-hour sales machine, instead of a mediocre brochure? Want to discover an online strategy for your business that will increase your profits?

From experience, I know that many SMEs are concerned that they are not capitalising on the power of the web to attract customers and build sales. If you're not harnessing the incredible potential of the internet RIGHT NOW, then you risk losing out to your competitors.

In 2016 I will be giving up my time for free in order to help just three businesses improve their web presence. I want to help you to create a powerful strategy that will connect your business to your current - and future - customers.

I will help you to:

  • Improve your website dramatically, using the latest persuasion methodologies and sales funnel processes to increase clickthrough, conversion and engagement rates.
  • Show you ways that you can increase your search engine visibility.
  • Explore innovate new ways of reaching new customers through online platforms and networks.
  • Create a social media plan and content strategy that engages your users, turning them into prospects.
  • Split test crucial website elements to constantly improve conversion rates.
  • Discover tactics that will attract new customers for free.
  • Devise a 'landing page' for your website that will boost your enquiries.
  • Learn valuable online marketing skills that you can use for the lifetime of your business.

If you want all of this (and quite possibly a lot more), and you are willing to invest your own time to improve your web presence, then I will help you - completely free of charge and without any catch.

Just three businesses will be chosen to benefit from my expertise. I will work with these three businesses throughout 2016 to help them build powerful strategies that will deliver success on the web. We will meet up in person at your premises, and I will work with you in person to get your marketing strategy in tip-top condition.

I will also dedicate some time to ensure that you get answers to any questions you may have, to suggest new ideas, and to point you in the right direction.

Why am I giving my expertise away for free?

I'm a busy man with lots of new ideas for the New Year and beyond. One of the plans for next year is to create an online course, teaching website owners EVERYTHING I know. Another of my plans is to write a book about online marketing. Indeed, these two ideas are already in full swing.

In every good book or course there are case studies that help readers see the effects of a particular activity. By selecting three willing business owners to work with, you won't be the only one benefiting from the mentoring programme. I will have valuable case studies that will be used to refer back to throughout the book/course. And that's why I'm offering my expertise for free.

I'm not going to lie to you and say that I will be working with you 24-hours a day, but by the end of 2016 you will have a much more profitable website, you'll be more knowledgeable about online marketing, and you will have a bullet-proof strategy that you can take forward into the next few years.

The cost is free, although the only thing I require is that you pay for any travel expenses incurred when I travel to you (up to four times in 2016 - once per quarter). There's nothing else to pay.

Who am I?

My name is Chris Haycock. The chances are that you won't know me from Adam. I'm not very well known in the online marketing industry as I typically work under my own steam - for my own benefit. I don't speak at conferences, I don't enter awards, I don't hold webinars, and I rarely get involved in anything for self-promotion purposes.

This  is  was a strategic decision, at least until now, as I was happy with a successful lifestyle business that provided my family with a decent income, especially the time before my twin girls reached school-age. I had no need for self-promotion, do I didn't entertain the notion. I'm thankful that it meant I was able to spend a huge amount of time supporting my wife, and helping my girls grow and learn in those early years.

This year, I have spent time networking with some amazing business owners, thanks to the Mastermind of Entrepreneurs Programme, run by the incredible Moe Nawaz, a mentor to FTSE 100 leaders. Prior to this, I didn't have complete confidence in my skills, but from talking to other business owners it soon became apparent that underneath my belt I possess highly sought-after skills in online marketing, and that I really should consider myself an expert. This new self-belief led me to where I am now - confident in the knowledge that I can help others to monetise the web.

Through building a portfolio of niche websites (from scratch, and without funding or marketing spend), I now enjoy a six-figure income, a lovely car, no debts, and a comfortable lifestyle. This was achieved through a combination of tried-and-tested online marketing activities, as well as identifying innovative ways of monetising niche websites. Almost one in 8 of the UK population will visit one of my websites in 2015.

I'm always fascinated by the web, and never rest on my laurels. I always keep abreast of the latest techniques, I pivot wherever necessary, and I'm (perhaps) annoyingly positive, ambitious and innovative. It keeps me ahead of my game.

Prior to starting up my publishing company, I also spent some years working for various dot-com companies, where I learned new frameworks, methodologies and tactics. As a result, I was able to fuse together my existing know-how of traditional marketing with newly-learned online marketing skills, in turn helping these companies to enjoy a huge surge in website visitors, conversion rates, and - most importantly - profits.

For me, one of the most interesting aspects of online marketing is the 'persuasion' element. This doesn't mean that we want to persuade a user to take an action they don't want to do, but through an understanding of psychology, user interaction, split-testing and analysis, we can ensure that we can entice the users to take the action we want them to take, whilst making sure that people who drop out of the sales funnel process are kept to a minimum. This forms the fundamentals of my mentoring programme, although we will be exploring much more than this.

I am - and always will be - an 'ideas man'. Thanks to my marketing skills and design/programming abilities I have been able to take an idea right from the 'eureka moment' through to planning, design, development, launch, marketing and beyond, which has given me a unique understanding of both the web and its users. Some of my ideas haven't been the best ideas in the world - and I have yet to find that billion-dollar website, but one thing is for sure: I know how to make websites pay, and I can help you, too.

Come on, then!

So, if you're interested in working with me for free in 2016, and you really are serious about learning how to harness power of the web, send me an email below and let's get the ball rolling.





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